The Development of 'writing competence' in Instructed Acquisition by Pre- and Postpubertal Learners
Laura Sanchez, fil dr i Applied Linguistics, Universitat de Barcelona

Over the last two decades, the literature on SLA has repeatedly pointed at the scarcity of studies focusing on the acquisition of written competence by school-age learners in formal settings (especially in comparison to adult learners). The study presented here adds to this line of investigation, by expanding the scope of prior research to the acquisition of English as a second non-native language. It draws on a corpus that comprises cross-sectional and longitudinal data from learners aged 8-15, and it is based on a series of analytical measures that tap into three dimensions of writing performance. These dimensions are grammatical complexity, accuracy and fluency, which in the present study are primarily calculated by means of ratios and indexes.

Högre seminariet, Institutionen för språkdidaktik
Onsdag 30 januari 2013