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Why learn a new language?

You probably have a few answers of your own to this question, but if you’re looking for more, we are happy share some of ours, on jobs and career opportunities, education and personal development, quality of life and local networks, as well as global and sustainable development. 

What does it mean to ”know” a language?

Languages are complex systems ranging across many dimensions. When learning a new language, you may very well become more proficient in some sets of skills than in others, depending on circumstances such as your background knowledge, and what motivates you the most.

How do I learn a language?

We believe in a mixture of formal and informal learning environments, formalized exercises and spontaneous encounters, of taught classes and self-study, theory and practice, cultural experiences and embodied memories.

Where can I learn a language?

You can learn a language basically anywhere - at home, through a course, online, while travelling, or essentially anywhere with a language buddy, a mobile phone or a computer. Take a moment to think about what you want to achieve and what resources you have available.

How can I support a language learner?

Would you like to support a friend, a new neighbour or someone else with her or his language learning?


Presentations of the various collaborative projects that Språkstudion participates in.

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