European Day of Languages logo.
European Day of Languages logo. Image credit: Council of Europe

What is the European Day of Languages?

On September 26th each year since 2001, all 47 member states of the Council of Europe celebrate the European Day of Languages.

The purpose of the day is to highlight the linguistic diversity in Europe, and to encourage language learning and multilingualism. The Council of Europe has set out three general goals for the day:

  1. Alerting the public to the importance of language learning and diversifying the range of languages learnt in order to increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding;
  2. Promoting the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which must be preserved and fostered;
  3. Encouraging lifelong language learning in and out of school, whether for study purposes, for professional needs, for purposes of mobility or for pleasure and exchanges.

More information about the purpose of the day can be found on the official European Day of Languages website.

During the day, various organizations and language centres across Europe host events and activities themed around language and multilingualism. 

How do I celebrate?

This year, the European Day of Languages is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To celebrate, the Council of Europe is organizing a number of language-themed activities, such as a multilingual baking recipe competition and a language challenge collection.
To find out more or participate, visit the official European Day of Languages website.

You can also celebrate by signing up for one of Språkstudion's language learning activities, such as our weekly Language Cafes or the Tandem language exchange program. These activities run throughout the term, but the European Day of Languages is the perfect day to sign up!