Professor Jonas Granfeldt, Lunds universitet
Empirical Underpinnings to the CEFR
- Three Studies from an SLA Perspective

Foto: Margareta Skoglund Ålin
Foto: Margareta Skoglund Ålin

Jonas Granfeldt är professor i franska med inriktning på språkvetenskap och biträdande prefekt vid Språk- och litteraturcentrum, Lunds universitet, med ansvar för forskning och forskarutbildning.

"The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is now widely referred to in modern language syllabuses and in language proficiency tests, in Europe (including Sweden) and beyond (Figueras, 2012; Leung & Lewkowicz, 2012). Despite it being widely used, its empirical validity has been questioned (Hulstijn, 2007), with a plea for research connecting the CEFR to both language testing and SLA research (Hulstijn, Alderson & Schoonen, 2009).

In our research project From A1 to C2 an overarching aim was to investigate the empirical underpinnings of the CEFR's proficiency levels. The data collection was conducted in a Swedish school context, focusing on L2 English, L3 French and L4 Italian. In this presentation I report on three studies investigating respectively syntactic complexity, typological differences and processability levels in relation to the CEFR-levels."