Pauline Gibbons
Pauline Gibbons

Pauline Gibbons taught postgraduate and undergraduate TESOL courses at the University of Technology Sydney for many years, and is now an Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales.

A major focus of her research has been on the ways that teachers can provide an intellectually challenging curriculum for their English language learners, while at the same time providing them with the language scaffolding essential to the development of academic language and literacy across the curriculum. This focus on a 'high challenge, high support' learning environment is the context for much of her current work with teachers.

"In this seminar I will begin by discussing the theories and practices of language teaching (particularly in second language teaching) from a personal perspective over the past 45 years. Language teaching today differs in very many ways from that practised in early language classrooms, and one major difference is that second language teaching is now much more fully theorised (and professionalised).

While there are differences in the contexts of language teaching between Australia and Sweden, there are many similarities in the theories we draw on. These theories include a social view of language development, a functional model of language and a sociocultural view of learning, which together provide a strong theoretical base for teachers. This theoretical base will be discussed, along with some key classroom practices that in Australia have been developed to support students who are learning in English as a second language in school."
- Pauline Gibbons