Elke Peters

Elke Peters is an associate professor of Applied Linguistics and English at the Faculty of Arts, Campus Antwerp, of the University of Leuven. She teaches English Linguistics 1, business English and English writing proficiency. She is a member of the Research group "Language, Education & Society" at the Department of Linguistics and in her research, she has been primarily interested in second/foreign language vocabulary acquisition.

Learning vocabulary from audio-visual input

Högre seminarium med docent Elke Peters.


Most research into incidental vocabulary acquisition has focused on reading. In this talk, I will show how audio-visual input can be used as an important source of foreign language input for vocabulary learning.

I will first address the potential of TV for learning single words before moving on to its potential for learning formulaic sequences. Next, I will zoom in on the use of L1 subtitles and captions (= L2 subtitles) to enhance the learning gains from audio-visual input. I will end my presentation with the theoretical and pedagogical implications of this strand of research.