Pirjo Harjanne
Pirjo Harjanne

Hur undervisas och studeras främmande språk i den finska ungdomsskolan? Preliminära resultat från KIELO-projektet om språklärares syn på verkligheten i deras klassrum.
Docent Pirjo Harjanne, Helsingfors universitet

In my presentation (in Swedish) I will discuss the KIELO project (2009-) which is a research and developmental project in foreign language (FL) teaching, studying and learning, with a view on foreign language classroom reality.

The starting point for the project was an interest in getting deeper understanding of the reality of FL teaching and studying practices in FL classrooms in Finland, to have more research-based knowledge to develop foreign language teacher education and in-service teacher training. The research aim is to describe, analyze and interpret teaching and study practices in foreign language classrooms: the ways in which foreign languages are taught and studied, how the ways are justified by the teachers and perceived by the students.

The KIELO project is a national and international project. The data are collected through questionnaires, interviews, classroom observations and international comparisons. The Finnish research covers, so far, dozens of theses (pedagogical studies and master theses) and a national KIELO survey. The international research cooperation concerns Japan, Chile and tentatively South Korea, in which countries the KIELO survey has been conducted as applied in their national context.

In my presentation I will deal briefly with the societal, didactic and methodological premises of the KIELO project as a background to the Finnish survey and its preliminary results.

Högre seminariet ISD
tisdagen den 20 maj 2014