At Stockholm University the subject of Language Education is viewed as the study of individual and societal aspects of language education in various learning conditions. The remit of the subject is to contribute to a critical debate where the role of language in school and society in the relationship of power to class, gender and ethnicity is in the centre.

The exclusive and inclusive roles of language are in focus in an attempt to gain a broad understanding of language, language education and language development in a diverse society. Language is used to signal identity, to generate knowledge and to communicate knowledge in child, adolescent and adult learning and development.

Central aspects of this research area include:

  • Language development
  • Literacy
  • Swedish and Swedish as a second language (including Swedish language education, multilingualism, learning and culture)
  • Foreign language education
  • Assessment of knowledge an skills in language and language development
  • The role of language for the development of knowledge and thought in general and in school subjects