Colloquium I: Pronunciation

Conveners: Zetterholm, Elisabeth & John Levis

Skrzypek, Dominika
Teaching Swedish pronunciation in Poland

Tergujeff, Elina
Second and foreign language pronunciation teaching in Finland – steps towards systematic teaching and assessment

Müller Levis, Greta
Pronunciation Teaching where Institutional Support is Strong

Colloquium II: Using different voices, cultural lens and writing for academic achievement in public school classrooms in the U.S

Convener: Patmon, Denise

Patmon, Denise
An overview of a longitudinal study of improving the teaching of writing through teacher inquiry and explicit teaching of expository prose in culturally diverse classrooms.

Moran, Kaitlin
Using writing to develop student agency in a multilingual American Government classroom

Nzinga Jenkins Sanches, H.
Liberation pedagogy in an African diaspora studies class and high school senior English class

Herard, Dominique
Storytelling and imagination in a social justice writing project in a first grade classroom

Colloquium III: Insights from reflection data: The value of reflective practices for research on language learning and pedagogical practices

Conveners: Kunitz, Silvia & Niina Lilja
Discussant: Numa Markee

Bozbiyik, Merve & Olcay Sert
Video enhanced observation and language teacher development: A focus on teacher questioning practices

Sandlund, Erica & Pia Sundqvist
Rating & reflecting: Developing rater identities in ESL oral assessment

Garcia Cruz, Kevin, Silvia Kunitz & Franco Pauletto
Evidence-based reflections on interactional skills: The students' perspective

Lilja, Niina & Arja Piirainen-Marsh
Making sense of interactional trouble through mobile-supported sharing activities