Erasmus students studying at our department are talking about their experiences as new students at Stockholm University. In this movie you can listen to their conversations:
Erasmus students in conversation (77264 Kb)

Loles would choose Stockholm University again
Loles Marco Gisbert
Loles Marco Gisbert

Studying at Stockholm University has been a great experience! From the first day I have felt very comfortable here; we have everything at university, a very nice and spacious library with sofas, computers and really good material for studying.

The methodology is fantastic, I am used to going 8 hours a day to class in Spain, but here it is quite different, you have less classes and more autonomous work, you meet groups and you enjoy a lot because you feel that you are learning by yourself, but of course you have always your teacher available to guide you. I was quite surprised when I saw in my timetable that I was going to follow lectures and seminars only 4-6 hours per week. In class, we work in groups we do many discussions and we follow the seminars quite independently, the teachers try to make us enjoy as much as we can from the work.

Being an exchange student is an unforgettable experience, living in a corridor with people from different cultures - it has been wonderful for me, I have spent a great time here. If I had to choose again I am sure I would choose Stockholm University!

The University also provides many interesting activities for your free time. The Student Union, for example, organizes free movie screenings every Monday and afterwards you can discuss the film and even participate in different events, I love Cinema Politica.

Loles Marco Gisbert
(My name is Maria Dolores, but in no formal things I write Loles, because I like it more)