As Stockholm School of Education and Stockholm University fusioned in 2008, a number of Departments of Education were created. The Department of Language Education was one of them.

At the Department of Language Education, part of the Faculty of the Humanities,  we educate students who will teach from primary school to adult education. We also offer a doctoral programme in language education, in-service courses and commissioned courses as well as research within:
• Teaching and Learning English and other Modern Languages
• Teaching and Learning Swedish/Swedish as a Second Language
• Reading and Writing Development
• Multilingualism

Following units exist as part of the Department of Language Education:
The National Test of Swedish for Adult Immigrants
The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language
These units participate, to some extent in courses and cooperate in administrative tasks.

The Department of Language Education works closely together with several departments spanning over all the faculties at Stockholm University. At present our major partners are:
Centre for Research on Bilingualism
Department of English
Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Department of Mathematics and Science Education
Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism
Department of Romance Studies and Classics