Christopher DeLuca
Christopher DeLuca

Christopher DeLuca is an Associate Professor in Classroom Assessment at Faculty of Education, Queen's University in Canada. Dr. DeLuca's research examines the complex intersection of curriculum and pedagogy as operating within frameworks of educational assessment and educational inclusivity. His work largely focuses on supporting teachers in negotiating these two critical areas of their practice.

Språkdidaktiskt webbinarium:
Preparing Assessment Literate Teachers: Foundational Concepts and Future Directions

► Tisdag 24 oktober kl 14.30-15.30, E237 Södra huset

Före detta språkdidaktiska webbinarium hålls ett seminarium med Karin Vogt.


Teachers around the world are called to use assessments to monitor, support, and report on student learning. In this age of educational accountability, assessment has become a foundational component of effective teaching practice. Yet, many teachers remain unprepared for assessment in schools. This talk will investigate the current context for teacher education in assessment and foundations for preparing assessment literate teachers. It will conclude by looking forward at future directions for research and practice.

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