Språkstudion offers server space and digital infrastructure to researchers and research groups within the Faculty of Humanities. In return, the researchers give open seminars on their data, theories or methods to first level students, to inspire them to high quality term papers and  second level studies.
In our recording studio, researchers are welcome to carry out audiovisual recordings of informants, or to produce different kinds of language materials for research studies.


You are welcome to use our facilities for student group supervision, text seminars and oral presentations. Our computer rooms are suitable for workshops on digital tools for research, data bases or analysis, collaborative writing or feedback on digital student work. If you have a small group and don't want to take up big room, you can use our Seminar room and book laptops for up to 16 students.

We don't have enough room for supervision of individual students during office hours, but there might be some space between 6-9 p.m. Monday to Thursday. Contact us or ask your local administrator to do the booking.


Each term, Språkstudion hosts a number of events for language students and other language geeks at Stockholm University. These events often contain a 30-minute seminar given by an active researcher. If you are a researcher or research student, and you would like to present or discuss a language related problem or phenomena in an open and informal setting, please let us know about your idea!

Examples of research and supervision at Språkstudion

  • Supervision: Workshops on term paper template and process (English)
  • Supervision: Teacher trainer student made recordings of singing and speaking for a term paper on choir singing effects on pronunciation of new languages (Language Education)
  • Research: Filemaker database host of a Literature project (Russian)
  • Research: Storage and development of a Second Language Acquisition database project (Italian, Language Education)
  • Research: Experiments in the recording studio within a sound design innovation project (Phonetics)
  • Seminar: "Language, identity and global migration" by Aryo Makko, Department of History
  • Seminar: "The sign languages of Europe - and beyond"  by Calle Börstell, PhD student of Special Doctoral Programme in Language and Linguistics. In celebration of the European Day of Languages.
  • Seminar: "Translanguaging together" by Anne Reath Warren, PhD student, Department of Language Education. In celebration of the International Mother Tongue Day.

Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas or questions!