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Practise languages

Communicative skills in your native language and other languages make up one of the European Union's key components for life-long learning. It is important to keep the languages that you know alive, so take the opportunity to use Språkstudion's resources for this!


Språkstudion offers study places in our computer rooms, which are equipped for language proficiency practice. We also offer language training activities such as language cafes, book circles and language choirs. For self-study, staff members are offered the same resources and schedules as students. Please read more on our student page.

Please observe that Språkstudion does not offer any language courses per se, but we are happy to show you what resources we have available in the languages that you wish to practice. If you would like to learn a new language, Stockholm University offers a broad selection of language courses.

Access to Språkstudion

To get access to Språkstudion, you have to attend an introduction to our resources and conditions of use, and register in our user database. The times and conditions of use for staff are the same as those for students, read more here.


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Information about resources available to staff member at Stockholm University.

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