What is hybrid teaching?

During hybrid teaching, students are given the option of participating in class either on campus or online.
Hybrid teaching can be synchronous (simultaneous participation for everyone) or asynchronous (separate activities for on-campus and online participants). Given enough preparation, it can also be possible for the teacher to participate online.

More information about hybrid teaching can be found on CeUL:s hybrid teaching pages.

Hybrid teaching equipment in Språkstudion's rooms

Studio 1 (E299) and Studio 2 (E299) are equipped with a dedicated sound and camera system for synchronous hybrid teaching through Zoom. Ceiling-mounted microphones capture the voice of both the teacher and the students in the room, without the need for any participants to wear headsets.
The quick start guide in the room makes setup as simple as possible, and Språkstudion's staff is always at the front desk to assist if necessary.
The hybrid teaching equipment in Studio 1 and 2 is intended for use with the dedicated teacher's computer installed in the room. To use the teacher's computer, log in with your SUKAT account as usual.

Språkparken (E231) is equipped with two Logitech MeetUp systems that handle both audio and video. One is mounted on the TV by the couches, and the other is mounted on a movable tripod. The movable camera can be connected to either the computer in the room or a personal laptop with a USB port.
The equipment in Språkparken makes it easy to stream seminars and presentations through Zoom.

Språkbubblan (E279) is equipped with a camera and integrated sound system, which is connected to the computer in the room. The equipment is well suited for hybrid meetings and hybrid group work.

If you have questions about hybrid teaching at Språkstudion or would like to visit and test out the hybrid equipment, please contact Språkstudion's front desk by email (info@sprakstudion.su.se) or phone (08 - 16 35 40).

Welcome to Språkstudion's hybrid teaching-equipped rooms!