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Teaching at Språkstudion

Språkstudion's teaching resources are developed for education in languages and language-related subjects. Feel free to bring us your ideas on how our resources can be further developed!

Seminar room

Our seminar room Språkparken is our most flexible room. The tables are foldable, the sofas are comfortable and our stand and red carpet make it possible to build a stage. You can split the room into several smaller rooms thanks to the parting curtains in the room. This makes it possible for creative solutions such as literary discussions in smaller groups or movie displays and role playing. The room Språkparken is especially suitable for Sign Language education. Hearing loop is available.

Teachers do not need special access to the technical equipment in Språkparken, only their regular SU login details are needed. If necessary, you can also book a limited number of laptops for your students to use in Språkparken. Ask the administrative staff at your department for assistance in booking the room and computers.

Computer rooms

In our computer rooms, teachers have access to a rich selection of audio material and language lab functions for listening comprehension in headsets or speakers, pronunciation exercises, writing, interpretation, recording of group conversations, monologues or recitations. You can give feedback to individual students or student groups both regarding text and speech through our teaching equipment. You can also show and comment on movies on each student's computer or via a projector, and you reach all web resources such as databases of poetry, literature and second language acquisition. You can use your own material, either by placing it on our servers temporarily or permanently, or by bringing your own external memory disks. Auxiliary tools for dictation and recitation are available for students and teachers on all computers.

Teachers have to take a short introduction to the language lab system DiLL to get teacher's access to the lab system. If you do not intend to use DiLL in your course, you do not need this access.


You have the possibility to create digital audio-based exercises in our language lab system DiLL, and to get access to students' submissions online. It could be digital exercises such as a recording of a literatry review, pronuncation exercise, or anything else. We'll give you more information when you attend an introduction for access to DiLL.

Language materials

Språkstudion's language learning materials are chosen and financed by the Stockholm University language departments. We are always interested in knowing about and adopting new materials, please share your ideas with us!

Access to our rooms

You don't need to use your key card at Språkstudion. Please ask for the current code for the rooms at the front desk.

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