Computer rooms

Språkstudion provides computer rooms where you can practise grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, pronunciation, and much more. Language students are welcome to use our computer rooms for self-study in languages and language-related subjects. Many language courses also have scheduled classes and exams in our computer rooms. To get access to our computer rooms, you need to take an introduction.


Language students can use Språkstudion
Language students can use Språkstudion's group study rooms. Photo: Språkstudion

Group study rooms

At Språkstudion, there are two seminar- and group study rooms called Språkbubblan and Språkparken. Read more here about what resources are available in the rooms and how to get access.


Language Cafes, Language Choirs and Language Exchange

In addition to the resources in our computer rooms and group study rooms, Språkstudion also offers opportunities to practise languages by participating in Language Cafes, singing in Language Choirs or conversing with your very own Language Buddy. These activities are also an opportunity to get engaged in student life and help other students practise your native language(s). This is a great way to meet new people and get experience from supporting others' language learning!

Practise your favourite languages at our popular language cafes! Photo: Språkstudion
Practise your favourite languages at our popular language cafes! Photo: Språkstudion


Start of term

Please read more at the university's main web site regarding what you in your role as a new student need to consider when you start studying at Stockholm University. You'll find checklists, information about the university library and about the university's student services.


Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We're happy to help!

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