Dansgruppen Yosakoi uppträder
Photo: Abigayil Blandon

Since autumn 2017, the group Yosakoi has developed their language skills and cultural knowledge through dance practice at Språkstudion. They have also performed done performances. The latest performance took place by the end of March at Solna gymnasium at an event organized by the Greek folk-dance society.

The group's next dance performance will be on The Cherry Blossom Day on April 21 in Kungsträdgården. Anyone interested in or curious about Japanese dancing is welcome to come see the performance!



About Yosakoi

Yosakoi is an energetic festival dance that originated form Kochi in Japan. It involves choreographed traditional Japanese dance moves with modern music and is performed in a group.

During the spring term of 2018, the dance practice takes place in Språkparken, E231, every Thursday at 6 p.m. No pre-registration or prior dance skills needed. Welcome!


Gruppfoto av Yosakoigruppen
Photo: Abigayil Blandon