New routine - mandatory pre-registration

The Japanese Language Cafe is more popular than ever. We are very happy about the great interest in participating in this cafe, however, Språkstudion does not have the resources to keep up the purpose of the language cafe as a language learning activity if the cafe group gets too big. To facilitate the situation for our language cafe coordinators and to increase the possibilities to establish a good conversational environment with effective and worthwhile language training, we have decided to limit the number of available seats at the Japanese Language Cafe by implementing mandatory pre-registration.


How to register

Please sign up to participate in the Japanese Language Cafe via our web form. The link for the web form is also available on our language cafe site.

The registration opens one week in advance. The number of available seats is limited. First come, first served!


About the Language Cafes

Each term, Språkstudion offer language cafes in 25 to 30 different languages, open to students and staff at Stockholm University. At the language cafes, participants gets the chance to practise their favourite language(s) over a cup of coffee together with native speakers. The language cafes started in 2012, are highly appreciated and popular, and a great complement to formal language studies. Please note that the pre-registration is mandatory only to the Japanese Language Cafe; other language cafes have drop-in.