Marco Zappa. Photo: Swiss Embassy in Stockholm Foto: Schweiz ambassad i Stockholm
Marco Zappa. Photo: Swiss Embassy in Stockholm

Marco Zappa plays and sings in many languages, and in particular in Lombard dialects, spoken in a part of Switzerland. He explains why dialects often give him the key to a more profound expression with his music.

Languages at this workshop: English, German, French, Italian and Lombard dialects. Zappa will give plenty of examples and encourage us to sing along!

The workshop is made possible by the Swiss Embassy within La settimana della lingua Italiana.



Later this evening, Marco Zappa will be performing at the Italian Institute of Culture together with Albanian jazz musician Ilir Kryekurti and Serbian musician Goran Stojadinovic. Details on how to sign up for the evening concert is found through the calender of the Italian Institute of Culture.